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Ken Vernon has had this respect for the scripture that says if you continue in my word, you shall know the truth and he is the one to whom this message has been given. He knows his way around the books of the Bible and the messages within. But a mighty message that has confounded is now being revealed.

Brooke Folk an inspired writer since 2007 has had a 25 year friendship association with Ken based on the study of scriptures that began in the summer of 1987 in Melville, NY at a union hall where church services in Suffolk County were being held for the then Worldwide Church of God.

Their background was and is uniquely based on and around their need to know. Each seeking answers about the true meaning of the Bible. Ken needs to see it in scripture and Brooke continuously asks for simplicity in all things.

Ken Vernon, the inspired receiver, author and presenter of The Revelation of Revelation.

Brooke Folk, Writer, (an ordinary folk) for the publishing and promoting of The Revelation of Revelation.